Anonymous Cyberwar

Anonymous Serbia identified jihadi groups in the Balkans #opIceISIS

Hacktivist collective Anonymous Serbia  engaged in #opIceISIS in the region of South East Europe / Western Balkans

Without any prior announcement, Anonymous Serbia today started contributing to a global operation against ISIS.

Today Iraq is descending into chaos yet again, thanks to the ruthless gang aiming to establish an “Islamic” state covering both Iraq and Syria, thus doing away with the post-WWI borders.

They call themselves ISIS. These savages, who have no religion or morality, are bent on burning everything in their path, killing and pillaging as they go.

Operations against   is aiming to destroy ISIS propaganda and influence on the internet. |

“Browsing facebook randomly, we found a few pages which openly call for the formation of the Sandzak army and consequently advocate for the secession of the territory from Serbia. Also, they all have clear mujaheddin features. What we did was to respond to this cyber-threat, by identifying and exposing  some of the group leaders”.

Sandzak "army" leaders identified by Anonymous Serbia
Sandzak “army” leaders are identified by Anonymous Serbia. The fun part of this little op was that this action, which was done publicly and involved lots of people, caught the attention of the Serbian Cyber-crime unit. Prosecutor for Cyber-crime in Serbia, after doxing was over, stated that they were ‘prepared to respond anyway’, and that Serbian police is ‘already working on identification of group leaders’.

Sandzak “army” leaders identified by Anonymous Serbia. The fun part of this little op was that this action, which was done publicly and involved lots of people, caught the attention of the Serbian Cyber-crime unit.  Prosecutor for Cyber-crime in Serbia, after doxing was over, stated that they were ‘prepared to respond anyway’, and that Serbian police is ‘already working on identification of group leaders’.

ISIS threat in the Balkans? 

In June the internet was flooded with series of notes expressing support for Islamist Jihadists. During the campaign #AllEyesonISIS  it was clear that this warmongering, terrorizing group has significant support in the region of Western Balkans – Kosovo, Sandzak, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Two out of three Balkan regions, from where support to ISIS was sent out to the internet, are either historically or administratively part of Republic of Serbia,  while  Bosnia is a neighboring country.

Green uniforms parade in Novi Pazar

Event that triggered the attention of  Anonymous Serbia took place on September, 5th. It was military-styled parade that stirred the public.

The group of about thirty men in green uniforms with red fezzes, and green berets on their heads, occupied the central streets of the city of Novi Pazar, in Sandzak (Serbia). They  marched from HQ of Islamist community to main city square, in their “foray into Hadžet” (village of Novi Pazar). This parade caused mostly negative comments of prominent individuals in the city of Novi Pazar and surrounding area, because of uniforms resembled those of war criminals who took part in the extermination of Serbs during the WWII. The parade was lead by Islamist Chief mufti and his associates.


sandzak 2novi pazar paradesandzak attempts of destabilization

Mayor of Novi Pazar Meho Mahmutović voiced his concerns to Telegraf  (Sandžak is a historical region divided by the border between Serbia and Montenegro, according to Wikipedia)

“Organizers of this parade, and their leader Muamer Zukorlić donned uniforms and took the streets to make a demonstration, and to send a message to the government they are flirting with”. He argues that a religious leader, the Chief Mufti, is; “first creating a problem and then attempting a petty trade for himself. In other words, pander to me and my associates, fulfill my personal requests, and I will take off their uniforms”

“Events in Sandzak can not be seen out of the context provided by the recent events in the extremist Muslim world. What Mufti Zukorlić did was to make a response to the proclamation of the Caliphate. In the streets of Novi Pazar paramilitary uniformed men were marching in goose step. The only thing that was missing was somebody handing them weapons. According to our intelligence service, they have caches in Bosnia and Raska”, said Darko Trifunovic, a professor at Belgrade Faculty of Security. (Read more about parade in Sandzhak )

Muslims are the biggest victims

“It is important to distinguish Islam as a major world religion and the Muslims themselves from the Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists. There has to be sharp boundary drawn. The main victims of Islamic fundamentalism, members of Al-Qaeda and those who proclaimed the Caliphate, are members of the Muslim community. Jihadists want to radicalize Muslims so that their children have become cannon fodder, and to go to die. All this is completely contrary to the essence of any religion”, added Trifunovic (source: Vesti-online)

Meanwhile, Muslims are mocking ISIS and making parody videos.  At the same time Sandzak groups are calling for youth to “die in combat, without a sin, as soldier of Allah”


anon idea, the biggest idea in history “We have joined the global campaign and decided to tackle this issue at the local level”, said a hacktivist from the Anonymous Serbia movement who wanted to remain anonymous. “There is a strong link betwen ISIS and certain fundamentalist groups. According to our sources, there are about 20 “sleepers” in this area waiting to be activated.


Islamic state is being prepared in Novi Pazar
Muslims in the Balkans refute ISIL’s so-called caliphate