Anonymous projected sign: ‘United Stasi of America Don’t Spy on Us’

Hacktivist group Anonymous projected another message on the USA embassy in Berlin on Thursday night before heading away in an unidentified van. Disguised in capes and Guy Fawkes masks, the Anonymous members used a generator and a projector to display the message: ‘United Stasi of America Don’t Spy on Us.’ This is the third time the group has projected their protest against the US.

The action comes one week after Edward Snowden’s latest document ‘black budget’ was published in the Washington Post, outlining how the NSA use encryption codes, similiar to those used in banking systems, to trade data on medical records, web searches, Internet chats, and phone calls of citizens around the world.

The Guardian, who Snowden released NSA secret files to, published an article on Friday morning stating how the NSA uses internet traffic to access communications around the world and how to avoid getting spied on.

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