Anonymous #opRefugees: Anonymous supports refugees

The Anonymous collective has published an new video which sends an clear message to the refugees and people which have watched the video.

The video shows pictures of unacceptable actions which are performed against the thousands of people which are in need.

The “Anonymous Supports Refugees” video does contain an written message which is odd, as most of the times the videos contain speech, but hey, who cares – it is the message which counts.

A message from Anonymous: Hungary’s treatment of refugees is shocking and unacceptable. We do not forgive. We do not forget.

Hungary fires tear gas, water cannon at refugees.
“Hungarians are standing strong on their pledge to not allow refugees into Hungary. They have now criminalized illegal crossings into Hungary and we suspect that’s the reason why they deployed the water cannons…”

Hungary triggered outrage from the international community on Wednesday after firing gas canisters and spraying water at crowds of frustrated refugees who had briefly broken through a border gate in protest at being prevented from crossing from Serbia. With their path north from Serbia into Hungary – and the European Union – blocked since Tuesday, many migrants and refugees have simply turned west to the Croatian frontier.

Anonymous supports refugees