Anonymous Operation AnonDown: Four Anons Killed already

Turkey, Egypt, Palestine and the British Columbia in Canada are the places where horror has taken place. The 4 mentioned countries are responsible for the deaths of citizens which were wearing Anonymous masks. All of them have been taken down with extreme violence and unnecessary force.

They have been killed, while they were fighting for a bigger cause.

Anonymous collective is angry

The collective have published a new operation titled “AnonDown”. This operation is going to focus on identifying the police officers and military personal which have killed Anonymous activists.

In the AnonDown video, the author claims that Anons has to d0x the people which are behind the slaying of the Anonymous brothers and sisters. The video author also states that we should expect more Anonymous deaths in the future.

But for now, the collective urges all the Canadian Anonymous members to head towards the RCMP headquarters and protest against the violence.

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