Anonymous opBlackOctober: Take all your money from the bank

Anonymous is engaged in a operation which has been dubbed opBlackOctober. This operation seems to be have setup to cause damage to the banking system.

In the Anonymous video, the following commands are given to any which want to participate in the opBlackOctober operation.

1 Take all your money from your bank account

The Anonymous message in the video states, that everyone should take their money from the banks. They do claim that it is important to except the things which you need the bank to handle.

2 Do not use your credit card

Anonymous states that this action will save time and that it is very easy to perform.

3  Pay cash

Anonymous also states that it does not matter if you are a landowner, tailor, doctor, tax collector or whatever. Everyone is committed to accept cash payments.

4 Check other Anonymous events

Anonymous wants the viewers to be aware of other Anonymous operations.

5 Join the peaceful revolution

It is very important to remain peaceful.

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