Anonymous Netherlands Warning To Anonymous Raves

The Anonymous hacktivists in The Netherlands have posted a clear message on Youtube regarding the Anonymous Raves in The Netherlands.

The Anonymous hacktivist in The Netherlands claim that the Anonymous Rave event is not a operation which has been initiated by the Anonymous Hacktivists.

The hacktivists claim that the person behind the Rave has lost control, as 45 000 people have agreed to attend the Anonymous Raves in The Netherlands.

The Anonymous hacktivists state that they do not want to create chaos, but they want to build a better place.

The video explains who they are:

Hello dear citizens of the world. We are anonymous netherlands. It has come to our attention that on the 20/21 of July, there is an anonymous rave organized in Amsterdam.. although the name Anonymous is used for this event.

The Rave is not organized by Anonymous

It is not organized by Anonymous. We want to be clear in this because when this event go’s bad, we are not to be held responsible. An event which is growing so quickly is almost impossible unless there is a lot of money behind it, or if people want to throw oil on the fire .. we are for civil disobedience .. but we do not like a stick to beat us with .. it seems that this organisation behind the event has lost control over their event. This is not an anonymous organized event.

Out of hand

We also know that if you have 40,000 people, it can get out of hand and we always seek the cooperation of the community and we do not want to create chaos, but a better world .. where sometimes chaos is necessary .. But it seems that here it is precisely controlled. Something does not feel right…

Do not forget

We are anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us!

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