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Anonymous Million Mask March ~ALL dates 2020/2021

Increase in DDoS attacks, worldwide marches of people wearing Guy Fawkes masks, what will the Anonymous Million Mask March of 2020 bring us?

Year after year Anonymous has performed the Million Mask March, now this year, we could say that it is to be expected that it will happen again.

There are many reasons for Anons to go on the streets, we have COVID19, Trump, the politics, financials and let’s not forget the child abuse cases.



The entity called Anonymous has no concrete definition. Hackers, internet hate machine, internet congregation, the internet’s first army and hacktivists are a few examples of the names the group has.

The media’s notion that Anonymous consists only of hackers is in any case not true. It is true that hackers make up some of the members, but the bulk consists of people who simply want to contribute.

The group does not have any rules about joining Anonymous. In fact, according to a video from Anonymous, you can’t even join Anonymous because it’s not a group or party.

Guy Fawkes mask

Anons wear the Guy Fawkes mask for a variety of reasons. Firstly, after the film V for Vendetta, the mask has become a symbol of anonymous protest. The second reason is that the members of Anonymous like to remain anonymous. Line 17 of the Group Code therefore describes the following: “Cover your face. This prevents you from being recognized by enemies in your videos. ” Anonymous first applied this during Operation Chanology. In addition, it is also a way of remaining unrecognizable to government institutions, something that came in handy when they started to dive into Operation Arab Spring.

Million Mask March

Anonymous is certainly going to setup a million mask march on the 5th of November 2020.

News on previous Million Mask Marches:

What do you think that will happen? and why?