Anonymous launches opMundial2014 against the FIFA World CUP

The Anonymous hacktivist collective has published the official opMundial2014 press release.

The press release contains the Anonymous OpMundial2014 video which describes the message and goal of the #opMundial Anonymous 2014 operation which will hit the FIFA World Cup 2014 event.

A time ago, other Anonymous hacktivist published a target list which will be used during the FIFA World Cup cyber-attacks.

The Anonymous Brasil Facebook page has initiated the #naoworldcup operation, this operation is currently active in Brazil and it has unleashed various events in Brazil. Alarming news has been published by the website, they report that Brazilian armed police officers are attacking protestors and tourists.

Anonymous hacktivists have published a statement, which holds the message that Anonymous hackers will initiate a cyber-attack on the World Cup sponsors.

Anonymous #OpMundial2014 from @AnonymousVideo on Vimeo.

opmundial video
opmundial video
opmundial 2014
opmundial 2014

The Anonymous hacktivists and hackers are claimed that they are going to attack each World Cup sponsor. It would not be strange, if Anonymous would attack World Cup affiliated companies and sponsors. The FIFA World Cup 2014 is having a lot of negative comments as the Brazilian enforcement agencies are trying to secure the Brazilian FIFA environments in a very violent way. The favelas in Brazil are known to be poor and violent places.

Anonymous target lists

Anonymous hackers have used target lists before to increase the hit rate of their cyber attacks. Anonymous May 7 Target List Includes 12 Large Credit Unions, Anonymous targetsIsraeli websites. Anonymous #opKillingbay targetlist. United States target list.

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