Anonymous hacktivists beware of the Lizard Squad

The Playstation Network and the Xbox Live environment have been attacked by the Lizard Squad and the effects were visible on the social media networks. Thousands of gamers started to complain that they were unable to play their favourite game. Kim Dot Com also complained that he was unable to play the Destiny game, so he decided to help these “friendly” hackers with a couple of vouchers, all he asked was the end of the DDoS attacks on the gaming platforms.

Kim Dot Com lizard squad

But did you know that earlier this month, a group which claimed to be the “Finest Squad” said that they had captured a “Lizard Squad” hackers? The sad news about this is that it is a complete hoax.

Now it seems that the Anonymous collective is claiming that they are able to stop the “Lizard Squad” from continuing their attack plans.

Hey Kim Dot Com, can you please join Anonymous so you can pay off the Lizard Squad from performing attacks on the gaming platforms and TOR networks?! – it is the only way Anonymous has a chance. Nah, just kidding.

I do not see Anonymous completing this task. The Anonymous collective is having a hard time on its own, and it is now claiming that it is capable of hacking a “serious” group of hackers? Nah, I do not see that happen.

The Lizard Squad is responsible for a couple of major incidents which caused a lot of trouble:

It is clear that the Lizard Squad is looking for fame and for “lulz”. They do not care about threats because THEY KNOWN that they have not left any public traces. If they have had left any TRACES which could lead to the arrest of Lizard Squad, the TRACES would be only available on the targeted domains.

The Lizard Squad is currently operating as a hacking collective which has been build on a group of close friends. They have not made any fuck ups yet, and now that they are in the public – they will be more cautious with their actions.


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