Anonymous hacks New York City water department Changes chloride level & closes sewer gates

The New York City water department that deals with the health of the environmental protection of the city has been hacked in the latest attack of Anonymous. The attack was carried out on 5/1/2013.

The hackers gained access to the supervisory control and data acquisition systems. The SCADA system takes care of which process is carried out and which is not carried out. The hackers changed the SCADA values of the amount of Chloride in the NYC water – the Anonymous hackers also changed the sewer system settings to stop transporting sewer water. The hackers closed the gates of the sewers and now the sewer is piling up sewer water.

The effects of the Anonymous hack can be seen in NYC. The civilians of NYC are complaining about the smell of the streets. They say that the street smells like the sewer. The hospitals are unable to handle to amount of heart attacks that are occurring in NYC as to much Chloride in the body will increase the chance on a heart attack.

Of course this is just a doomsday scenario – but what will the government do in such an attack? Are these critical infrastructures prepared for such attacks – are their SCADA systems protected? Do they have policies ready for these attacks?

Are the people that are working at critical infrastructures screened before they can start work?

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