Anonymous hacked Russian Prime Minister Twitter account

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Anonymous hacked the Russian Prime Minister’s Twitter account and announced his resignation,reports RIA Novosti.

[Medvedev’s] Twitter was hacked, the tweet on his resignation is false. We’re working on the problem, Medvedev’s press service

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The Prime Ministers’s Russian language account was hacked at approximately 10:20am Moscow time (06:20 GMT). It took PM’s office several minutes to report the breach to the media.

Yahoo claims that they have been hacked!

“I’ll still be a freelance photographer,” another one said.

“I’ve been longing to say this. Vova [Putin]! you are wrong!” another said.

Apparently the hacker is Russian, since the messages show good knowledge of Russian political memes. For instance, his/her latest tweet addressed to President Vladimir Putin is a reference to the famous words of Mikhail Gorbachev, who said “Boris, you are wrong!” to Boris Yeltsin in response to his criticism of the Communist Party in 1988.

Medvedev’s English-language account on Twitter apparently was not compromised.

The news of the hack topped the Russian Twitter trends.

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