Anonymous calls for cyberwar on TikTok in latest video

The Italian Anonymous Facebook page posted that TikTok will see some action by Anonymous soon. Anonymous which is known for some several years has had it ups and downs in terms of cyberattacks. This time, Anonymous has set their eyes on a full cyberwar with TikTok if TikTok doesn’t follow the instructions given in the video by Anonymous.

Anonymous Italy Facebook account posted the video

Anonymous published a video, in which they claim that they want to be called “Online Guardians” and that they are standing up for the millions of people that have been banned from Tiktok.

Good day TikTok, this is a message from the anonymous collective. You have blocked and banned millions of TikTok accounts for speaking up the truth and for people that have stood up for them that could not stand up and protect themselves

Anonymous message to TikTok

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