Anonymous ‎Million Mask March 2014: All you need to know and more [5th of November]

Anonymous Million Mask March 2014

Be aware, Anonymous is going to hold the Million Mask March on the 5th of November. The Million Mask March has been promoted on social media networks since the last Million Mask March which took place on the 5th of November in 2013.

This time it will be bigger and better. The reason behind this is pretty simple, more people are going to be involved in the Million Mask March. The last Million Mask March took place in more than 477 cities. Do remember that these are just the cities which reported the Anonymous Million Mask March.

Anonymous ‎MillionMaskMarch

People can join the Million Mask March without any reason, but it is always better to have a reason when you are doing something. The Anonymous Million Mask March can be used to focus on the 1% which is trying to dominate the 99%.

The March can also be a symbol for the Anonymous spirits which have been jailed, arrested and even murdered. It can be a symbol for unity! But whatever you do, make sure that you have a REASON to join the Million Mask March

Why Anonymous ‎Million Mask March

The Million Mask March will unite people, it will be a great chance for you to meet new people which have the same goal or interests like you. Just be aware of the people that are going to try to disrupt the Million Mask March. Do not give them a chance.

When will Anonymous ‎MillionMaskMarch take place

Remember, Remember The 5th of November 2014.

How can I support the Anonymous ‎MillionMaskMarch

You can support the Million Mask March in various ways, but the most important one is to be prepared for anything. Take enough food/drinks with you so you will have the energy to keep up with the March.

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