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AnonSec hack on NASA reveals Chemtrails and GPS locations

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Incredible, the AnonSec hackers claim to have gained access to information which would verify that chem trails are being used by governments. Cyberwarzone has no experience regarding chem trails, but we can clearly see that this information has been gathered from official resources.

The AnonSec hackers claim to have hacked NASA servers which held classified information like GPS locations, Weather modification and Drone activity.

The AnonSec hackers have published the leaked information on MEGA and it can be downloaded by anyone as long as it is still online.

anonsec opnasadrone
Click on the picture to download the files.

AnonSec on the Chemtrails: Chemtrails is a form of weather modification. One by trapping the which virtually block out the sunlight(while also poisoning everyone on Earth) it also heats up the planet. Not to mention these chemtrails can be controlled by HARRP since they are filled with aluminum and react to electromagnetic pulses.

Besides the Chemtrail information, it is important to remember that companies, governments and households fail to secure their private information.

So the next time, you see your company IT-staff, ask them about the security and if they think that it is important. It might shock you what some will answer.

Share this with people that should know this: