AnonSec declares war on ISIS in OpTerror4ISIS

The AnonSec hackers have published a video on youtube which spreads a message towards ISIS. The AnonSec hackers claim that they will target governments, corporations and public/secret supporters of ISIS. The AnonSec hackers will also target the Boko Haram terror group which has killed 2000 persons in their last terrorist attack.

The following governments will be attacked by the AnonSec hackers:

  • United States government
  • Israeli government
  • United Kingdom government
  • Pakistani government
  • Indonesian government
  • Nigerian government

The AnonSec hackers have also published a post on Pastebin which explains their reasons behind the terror for isis operation.

AnonSec claimed the following in their pastebin upload:

Osama Bin Laden(Tim Osman) was a CIA agent
Anwar Al Awlaki is an American citizen killed with Drone missle under the NDAA.
However it turns out Anwar al-Awlaki Was A Triple Agent, A FBI Asset Before 9/11.
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was trained by Mossad before becoming leader of ISIS

They also published a list of resources which would support their motives for OpTerror4ISIS.

Another part of the Pastebin file:

To fully understand this problem of terrorism in the world you needs to look at the bigger picture!
First of all false flags are very real things that countries do and arent some conspiracy theory as
mainstream media would haves you believe… just research Operation Northwoods!

The message continues:

They basically either cause an event to happen or allow it to happen because they will
benefit from the outcome allowing them to pass more laws, sanction countries and even
invade other countries under false pretenses. They then use their owned mainstream media
outlets to spread the disinformation about these events to gain majority support from citizens.

And the big bang in the Pastebin upload:

I find it odd that people have already forgotten the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent statement about
France. “Recognizing Palestine as an official state would be a grave mistake.”
Less than 6 months after his statement, France recognized Palestine as a state… then within no more than
2 months after the French MPs decision, there was a terror attack on Paris, France! We suspect the CIA
and Mossad to be heavily involved in these psyops as they continue to push for a New World Order…
And then to top it all off, the Police Chief(Helric Fredou) in charge of investigating the Charlie Hebdo attack
“commited suicide”… most likely murdered because he knew the truth and was going to expose it!

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