AnonGhost hacks 12K followers of the Swag Fashion Style Facebook page

Swag style fashion Facebook page hacked

The Swag Style Fashion Facebook Page which holds 12000 followers has been hacked by the AnonGhost hackers.

They have hacked the administrators, which administrate the Swag Fashion Style Facebook page.

The hackers have uploaded their AnonGhost banners on the hacked Swag Fashion Facebook page.

Swag Fashion Style hacked by AnonGhost
Swag Fashion Style hacked by AnonGhost

Another screenshot of the hacked ‘Swag Fashion Style’ Facebook page

Swag Fashion Facebook page hacked

The AnonGhost hackers will be able to infect a lot of people as they now own a Facebook page which holds 12000 followers.

The situation might explode, if the AnonGhost hackers decide to infect the 12000 Facebook followers. AnonGhost did not infect unaware people with malware in their latest attacks, they only hack and deface the domains which they are after.Swag Fashion Facebook page hacked 2

Take a look at the social media security guide and the 100 security tips which will help you to stay safe on the internet. Be aware for malicious links which could be send from the ‘Swag Fashion Style’ Facebook page. In a previous AnonGhost attack, they were able to deface 1800 websites in a single night.