AnonGhost hackers are on a Facebook page defacement spree [MULTIKILL]

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The hacking team seems to be having a lot of fun. They have set their targets on various Facebook pages which seem to be owned by exploited victims.

There is a lot of speculation about the method which is being used by the hackers.

Some of the Facebook members claim that the hackers have obtained the 5000 dollar Facebook hack tool which can be find on 1337day.

The 1337day Facebook hack tool claims to use a vulnerability which will allow hackers to delete any admin from the Facebook pages and groups.

anonghost facebook hack 3 anonghost facebook hack 2 anonghost facebook hack

anonghost facebook hack 4

anonghost facebook hack 6 anonghost facebook hack 5

The hackers might use the following techniques to hijack or hack the Facebook pages:

  • Social Engineering
  • MITM (Unlikely)
  • Used hacked credentials from defaced websites
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