AnonGhost is gearing up for OpIsraelBirthday v2

The AnonGhost hackers will continue their attacks on Israel in their latest operation which has been dubbed OpIsraelBirthday v2.

It is known that the AnonGhost team is build of capable hackers which are able to deface, hack, shell and take down websites.

Israel, it is the number one target for middle-eastern hackers and Islamic hackers. Now it seems that the AnonGhost hackers are going to launch a nuclear cyber bomb on the Israeli domains and environments. The AnonGhost hackers have been attacking Israel for a couple of years in a row now. The impact of their attacks are not always “aired” on international news but once in a while, some agencies see the impact and they mention the AnonGhost hackers in reports.

Known and public AnonGhost operations in 2014

  • OpIsraelBirthDay v1
  • OpIsraelReloaded
  • OpSaveGaza
  • OpIsraelReborn

The hackers published a video, which claims to provide insight on the amount of defaced and hacked websites.


+2000 websites defaced / hacked


+800 website defacedĀ / hacked


+2800 websites defacedĀ / hacked


+600 websites defacedĀ / hacked

The AnonGhost PasteBin files of OpIsrael operations in 2014

The AnonGhost hackers have a history with Israel and Western parties, they have launched operations on OIL companies, Financial companies, Governments and private parties. The Israeli hackers claimed that they had “spied” on a #opIsrael hacker but it does not seem to have had any impact as the hackers are still active.

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