Android Toolkit Python 2.7

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Have you ever wanted to use a Android Toolkit in Python 2.7? Then you might want to take a look at the toolkit which has been developed by Vvn.

The Android Toolkit runs on Python 2.7 and it is also capable of connecting to the One Plus One smartphone.

The Android Toolkit allows the user to: 

1. Reboot into android, bootloader or recovery

2. wipe device

3. Boot once into custom recovery without flashing

4. Install or Uninstall APK

5. Copy files between computer and device, or sync.

6. Backup or restore device

7. Root device or install ZIP in fastboot

8. Unlock bootloader and flash custom image

9. Shell command

10. Quit

You can use the Android Toolkit with any android device – just change out the device-specific files (updates, recoveries, ROMs, etc.).

VVN recommands to download the Android SDK and create an environmental path variable for that directory. 10498492_10203264113141879_6595062633038057030_o

Share this with people that should know this: