Analysis Report: Cyberwar on users from Singapore

Following document is an analysis report written by NSHC Pte ltd, it can be shared and distributed without permission, but modifications are forbidden. One of famous site in Singapore is now distributing critical malware codes to visitors.

There would be a lot visitor who might be in charge of big international business through this sites. Not only Singapore but also some other countries visitors also might lose their important information through infections.

We worry that it will cause serious damages on international trust of Singapore. This unknown malware code is very powerful and serious as below.

  • The newest attack technique.
  • AV Solutions can not detect this threat. (98% can’t detected)
  • It used various vulnerability code for hard-hit (high risk and serious damaged)
  • Spread Quickly infections through International well-known site.

Download the full Analysis report by Digital Explorers Lab now via the mirror:


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