Amazing Laser Scanning technique allows Crime Scene Reconstruction

Criminals are going to be needing a lot of luck. The Laser scanning and Crime Scene reconstruction development has provided a incredible tool which is capable of capturing complete crime scenes and evidence using 3D laser scanning technology. The Laser scanning tool is very accurate, and it is capable to create 3D environments which can be analyzed and measured from any wanted perspective.

This allows the people, which are using the Laser scanning and Crime Scene Reconstruction tool to reconstruct crime scenes, with provided additional information from the investigation team. They will be able to place witnesses and view their perspectives. This method can be used to verify the claims of the witnesses.

  • Rapid capture of complet crime scenes and evidence using 3D Laser Scanning technology.
  • Immersive, accurate 3D environments you can analyse and measure from any perspective.
  • Accurately reconstruct crime scene after evidence removal using measurements and officer statements.
  • Place witnesses and establish clearly their view of the crime scene.

Laser Scan through Town Centre

Internal Laser Scan of Aircraft 

As you can see in the video above, the lazer scanning technique can be used to reconstruct crime scene environments which have happened in aircrafts. We believe that this technology is awesome and should be used by all government agencies to catch criminals.

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