The most amazing hacks each consultant should know

The life of an security consultant is not easy, most of the times they travel a lot and they rarely have time to spend time on social activities, you will see that the most occupied consultants will have an beard, this beard is not only crafted because it looks awesome, it is also crafted because the consultants lack the knowledge of the Nivea Beard Hack.

In the video below you will see how an consultant is able to shave his or her (lol) beard in an perfect way:

But it is also important to have a sharp razor, and to do this you will have to use the hack which is shown below in the Nivea Shaving video:

For an consultant it is also important to avoid sweaty hands, the Nivea hack below has found the solution for sweaty hands:

And for the consultants that have the will, but lack the power – there is an awesome hack to open jars which are hard to open (d’uh):

The most awesome hack is the remove the fog from your mirror hack. This hack will allow you to use your mirror without being interrupted by steam.

Nivea also stated that no mirrors, jeans or hands were harmed during the creation of these hacks. These videos are currently being shared in The Netherlands by Nivea. Nivea has uploaded all their Nivea hacks on the Youtube website and you can watch them for free.

What kind of hack do you use as a consultant?

Do you bring your own RFID-copy machine so you do not have to worry about losing your hotel card?

Or do you use another hack? Tell us more about your TOP consultant hack.

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