All the Cloud threat reports of 2020/2021

Each year, various cloud threat reports are published by a range of security vendors. These cloud threat reports provide a view on what can be expected in 2020 and 2021. The reports discuss challenges, seen threats and upcoming solutions.

All of the security vendors have their own take on what the threat landscape of 2020 and 2021 is going to look like.

It is for that reason, that I have decided to create a set of cloud and threat landscape reports.

The companies that actively provide a cloud threat report are:

  • Oracle and KPMG
  • IBM X-force
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • Checkpoint
  • Netskope

The reports discuss at least the following questions:

  • Who is targeting cloud systems
  • How the vendors are seeing threat actors access cloud environments
  • What threat actors are doing once they have gained access to a cloud environment
  • Common shortcomings the vendors observe in cloud security
  • Recommendations for improving your organization’s cloud
  • Advice on the security posture

Oracle and KPMG cloud threat reports

Oracle and KPMG have published their landscape report on their site. Their report mainly has a focus on demystifying the cloud security shared responsibility model, the business impact of a data breaches in 2020 and the risks in the cloud.

cloud threat reports of Oracle and KPMG
Contents of the Oracle and KPMG paper

IBM X-force

With organizations increasingly using cloud environments for scaling and accelerating operations, understanding the unique cyber threat landscape of this field is critical. This paper will dive into what IBM Security sees on the front lines.

Palo Alto Networks cloud threat reports

Palo Alto Networks will give you a fresh insights on: 

  • Vulnerabilities in IaC templates and how to avoid them
  • The latest trends in cryptomining and cybercrime operations
  • What’s on tap for the remainder of 2020 from a threat perspective


The checkpoint report highlights :

  • Details on the rise in cloud attacks and the change in mobile security threats
  • How botnet armies surged more than 50%
  • A deep dive into the severity of targeted ransomware attacks
  • How Magecart attacks became an epidemic


Through its Cloud Security Platform, Netskope strives to work without restrictions in the cloud, on the web and in different locations on multiple devices. This means that they see a lot of attacks, and know which trends are taking place. Take a look at their threat landscape report.

Cloudflare cloud threat reports

I hope that you have enjoyed this collection of cloud threat landscape reports. As it seems, 2020 and 2021 are going to bring a lot of challenges, and these vendors are here to add a extra security layer to our beloved systems.

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