If you are active on the internet you need to watch this movie on Data and Life, it will shock you!

Have you ever wondered how life would look like if you could put on your cyber glasses? Well in the next video you will be able to have an insight in the cyberworld and the data which is involved in life.

You will see how people interact depending on various data. A good video to watch!


“We will know you by your trail of data…”

Short film about a boy who meets a girl, told through the trail of personal, digital data they leave behind.

Director – Suzanna Noort (http://www.suzero.com)

Girl – Jacqueline Boot

Boy – Bob Wind

Camera – Nicole Batteké

Music + Sounds – Roald van Oosten (Ghost Trucker –http://www.roaldvanoosten.nl )

Location Assistant – Jan Schenk

Editor – Suzanna Noort

Visual Effects – Wouter Joosen ( http://www.filmding.nl )

Thanks to:

Café Restaurant Open, Amsterdam

Rock Paper Scissors

Jildou Gerritsma

Merel Zwart



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