Iranian Hacking Group Abraham’s Ax claims hack on Saudi Ministry of Interior

The Iranian Hacking group Abraham’s Ax has claimed on their website that they have gained access to the Saudi Ministry of Interior systems. The hacking group shared a ‘proof-of-concept’ file on their website which can be downloaded and opened with a password.

Content of the POC03.rar file

In this PoC file, the following directories are provided:

  • Traffic Building
  • MoI
  • Development of the security facilities for MoI
  • MOFA
  • Airport King Abbdol Aziz Jaddeh.

The impact of the attack is unclear. For now, it seems that they just made a fancy video — it is unclear if the data is actually from the claimed breach or is from a previous breach.

This clip contains the Abraham Ax’s their ‘cyber attack video’.
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