A warning for anyone using this type of toothpaste

The Crest 3D toothpaste is taking hit after hit, earlier in 2014 it was reported by dozens of official reviews that the Crest 3D toothpaste is leaving plastic blue bubbles in the mouth of users which use the Crest 3D toothpaste. Snopes wrote a detailed report on the Crest 3D toothpaste incidents, but we have decided to take another look on the Crest 3D toothpaste message as it is currently being shared again.

The new message on Facebook claims that the dental hygienist explained to the user that the Crest 3D toothpaste is no good. The Facebook user continues to explain that the plastic bubbles are a perfect breeding place for bacteria and viruses, but the situation gets worse when the user states that the bubbles will not dissolve in the eco system and that they are bad for the environment.

The message on Facebook

Ok so here is a warning for anyone using this type of toothpaste: see those little blue specks in the toothpaste that you and I thought were probably something like “minty scrubbing bubbles”? They’re not! They’re little plastic beads. PLASTIC!! and my dental hygienist found a whole crapload of them underneath my gums yesterday. They are literally little plastic beads that will sit In your mouth and body forever collecting bacteria. I couldn’t believe it and it’s so disturbing that any company would even do this.not only are these micro beads bad for your body they’re bad for the environment and are being banned in many countries.

They get into the water and eco systems because they’re so tiny and cannot be filtered out. So they end up in the fish and birds in our ecosystems. Check your bathroom products people. If you have something with little beads in it that don’t dissolve when you rub them between your fingers get rid of it! If you’re using this or any other product with plastic micro beads I urge you to switch! Share this and protect your families! #gross #crest #plastic #microbeads

Another message on Facebook which claimed the same

Anybody use this toothpaste? If so, THROW IT AWAY! I went to the dentist today to have my teeth cleaned and during my cleaning I was asked if I use Crest 3D whitening. I said I did and asked how she could tell. Apparently, dentist are finding the little blue balls in the toothpaste stuck in patience gums! I can vouch she found 4 stuck in my gums, all of which she was able to remove and I saw with my own eyes. However, I googled it and there are pictures showing someone who had numerous ones that were actually embedded in their gums! The capsules are made of plastic so they don’t bust like you would think (as hand sanitizer does). They really serve no purpose.. Do they think they exfoliate the teeth? Don’t get it … no thank you, I will switch back to my Crest Tarter Protection in the Fresh mint gel … and it’s cheaper!

From the examples above it is clearly notable that the Crest 3D toothpaste is a toothpaste that you better should skip. There are too many rumors going around and even official sources have claimed that it is no good.

This is not a hoax, and the information which is being shared is true.

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