A Step-By-Step Guide To Choosing The Perfect Domain Name

Your domain name is a lot more than just an address that people type into their browser bars. Rand Fishkin, a well-known online marketing expert, recently discussed exactly how beneficial having the right domain name can be for your business.

As you search for the perfect domain name, there are a number of important factors that you need to think about. The eight tips below should help you find a domain name that is not only well-suited to your business but that will also help you achieve online success.

1. Choose A Brandable Domain Name

The best domain names are the ones that are brandable and catchy company names. After all, your domain name is typically the name that people will come to know your business by on the Internet.

As you brainstorm domain names, think about how memorable they are. Don’t choose domain names that include numbers, hyphens, or other special characters. Instead, opt for a simple domain name that is easy to remember. Just look at a major company like Pepsi. Their domain name, which is “Pepsi.com”, is much more memorable than a domain name like “love-2-drink-Pepsi.com”.

2. Choose A Domain Name That Is Easy To Pronounce

This tip goes hand-in-hand with the first tip. Having a domain name that is easy to pronounce is extremely important, even if people aren’t going to be saying the name of your business out loud. A factor known as process fluency, which describes how easily the brain is able to process information, comes into play when determining how easy domain names are to remember. Domains that are easy to pronounce are not only more memorable but they are also more likely to be viewed positively by users.

Never choose a domain name that you have to spell out when you are telling it to other people. Also, make sure that the actual spelling of your domain is not too challenging. Otherwise, you could miss out on a large percentage of your traffic. People don’t want to have to put a lot of effort into searching for your brand. Make it as easy as possible to find your business by choosing a name that is easy to spell, easy to pronounce, and easy to remember.

3. Choose A Domain Name That Isn’t Too Short Or Too Long

A lot of experts advise choosing a short domain name. Although that is true to a point, it is possible to choose a domain that is too short. For instance, a domain name like “DessertScience.com” is a lot more memorable than an abbreviated domain like “DessertSci.com”. Even though the second domain name is shorter, it isn’t as easy to pronounce or as easy to remember as the first domain.

Try to find a domain name that is relatively short without having to abbreviate or cut off any of the words in the name.

Another common mistake that people make is opting for an acronym for their domain name as a way of keeping it short. In most cases, this is a mistake. The only exception is if people regularly refer to your business using an acronym. For instance, organizations like AARP or AAA can use acronyms as their domain names since they are best known by those abbreviations.

4. Choose a .com Domain Extension