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A look at the LuminosityLink RAT

LuminosityLink is a typical Remote Administration Tool (RAT). The LuminosityLink RAT allows the cybercriminal to setup an executable program which will force the victims device to connect to an designated command and control server which is owned or rented by the cybercriminal.

The LuminosityLink RAT is officially a purchase only remote administration tool, but it seems that an cracker which goes by the handle “Alcatraz3222” has published an cracked version on the internet.


If you are interested in taking a deeper technical look in the LuminosityLink RAT then I would suggest you to lookup the following MD5 values of the LuminosityLink RAT on VirusTotal and the rest of the internet.

  • 93e11539c26ec279caa3319e5bcc6bd3
  • 03466ea43464ad7f3acb0a92f8b13b5e
  • 595c235c600d374d9fe17c281cf5143a
  • 21eaff2d1fd65fb044fd3435508c8022
  • 8b1585d36ecb2bead8452f122bc4a845
  • 1bc96a81769cb5e91f37eff1b2f12694
  • 22085e590e33ecfdef1b6f3551f38641
  • ea948ff4d2936d9f8975de73ad6e6531

The LuminosityLink RAT provides the operator the following services and configurations:

  • Clilent Grid
  • File Guard
  • Crypto Miner
  • DDoS Panel
  • HOST Editor
  • Website Visit
  • Client Info
  • Torrent Seed
  • HTTP Control
  • On-Join
  • Anti-Malware
  • SOCKS5
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