A dive into myvouchers.xyz

The site myvouchers.xyz is being used in phishing and scamming campaigns which are setup by cybercriminals. This site should not be trusted.


The domain myvouchers.xyz is actively used to lure unaware users into traps that claim to offer vouchers.

Malicious URLs found on myvouchers.xyz

In one of the malicious campaigns found on myvouchers.xyz, the cybercriminals try to mimic Heineken in order to get valuable information from their victims.

The heineken scam on mycoupon.xyz was shared with the Heineken team, and they responded on Twitter with their statement on mycoupon.xyz

Heineken Ireland responds to user Ian Smith

The domain has been used for this purpose for a long time. There are reports of the site being used in 2017.

Discount coupon scam for 3D boat design software

It also looks like that the criminal behind mycoupon.xyz was also active on Twitter.


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