The IP is hosting a Cambodian site, which has content hosted on the IP
Content of without any translation

With translation, the content of the site is as following
Content of translated towards English

Dive into

As we continue with the research into, it becomes a little bit more clear as what the purpose of this site might be. There is a high chance that this site serves some kind of Khmer lottery.

Unsecure Khmer lottery site?

After doing some research on the hyperlinks which are available on the site, the hyperlink “khmerlottery.biz” got our attention. Once we followed the hyperlink, we landed on the ‘khmerlottery.biz’ site, which had the following information on it.

It is a legal Khmer lottery site which has been licensed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Combodia

Doing some research on the social media background, we landed on their Facebook page which has over 500000 followers.

The facebook page


Everything counted up, the complete environment is weird. The site works by downloading an Android APK file from 2017, and all of the connections are unsecure. I have little to no knowledge on how much this site is being used. If you have an idea, please leave a comment.

Time needed: 1 minute.

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