A dive into has a malicious history, and should be considered unwanted in any type of network. has acted as a host for the Agent Tesla malware, and it has been identified by multiple security researchers as an malicious environment.

Malware history of

The threat actor has hosted multiple malicious files on the destination IP, and it has also utilized the duckdns service.

Screenshot of the malicious files which are hosted on

The malicious host is also hosting multiple login pages which are stored on various paths:

  • /11/webpanel.login.php
  • /12/webpanel.login.php
  • /13/webpanel.login.php
  • /14/webpanel.login.php
  • /15/webpanel.login.php
Picture from Cybercrime-tracker which has identified the indicators above




  • https://cybercrime-tracker.net/
  • https://www.virustotal.com/gui/ip-address/

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