86 year old male was robbed 80000 dollars after being phished

An 86-year old male has become a victim of phishing, the 86-year old had received an mail from his bank stating that the bank was going to replace the debit cards, and in order to do so, the male had to send his current debit card to a specific address. The mail also contained a link, which once pressed asked the male to provide his pin-code.

This incident occurred last year, and the male was alerted once he started receiving messages from his bank that changes were made to his daily deposit limit. The bank traced the money trail, and the discovered that the thieves had used the money to buy two brand new iPhones and various other items.

The police was unable to trace the criminals – but that does not matter at all. What does matter that it is important to inform your environment about these types of threats. It is especially important to inform your elders about these threats as they are extra vulnerable for social engineering attacks.

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