8 Steps to perform a successful cyber-attack

8 Steps to perform a successful cyber-attack

Each cyber-attack will follow a specific chain. The chain is used by cyber security experts, cybercriminals and governments to perform successful cyber-attacks on their targets. There are various ways to perform a cyber-attack, but you will need a guide if you want to successfully perform a cyber-attack on a designated target.

A cyber-attack is performed in a couple of basic steps, each step that you personally add, will increase or decrease the chance of success.


(1) The first step that has to be taken is the reconnaissance step. In this step you will gather all the possible information that you can use. There are various tools and techniques which allow you to reconnaissance on a target.

The NMAP or ZENMAP tool can be used to perform network scans on the selected target. These scans will provide the attack vital information about the security settings of the selected target. In the reconnaissance step you will be able to investigate the target for weak spots (vulnerabilities). Remember that these vulnerabilities to not have to be ‘cyber’ vulnerabilities.