8 reasons why you need an Information Security Manager

Information Security Managers are required to have a wide knowledge of information risk management, this means that the information security managers understand the security methodology behind the most systems. This knowledge allows the information security manager to take appropriate steps to secure the environment he or she is supposed to manage.

The information security manager is also supposed to have knowledge on topics like information security governance, information security incident management, information risk management, information risk compliancy, information security program development and management.

The best part on having an information security manager is the fact that they will be able to do threat assessment, checks on vulnerabilities and investigate the impact if something would happen to your company processes and workflows.

So what are the reasons why you need an information security manager?

Of course I do not know your environment, it is impossible for me to pinpoint why you would need an information security manager in your company, but what I can do, is provide you the benefits of having an information security manager in your company.

  1. They provide insight in your company when it comes to security and risk management
  2. They can detect criminal trends and behavior and adapt to those threats so your environment will stay secure
  3. They can advise on which products should enter the company and which should not
  4. They can provide Incident detection and recording reports
  5. Classification and support on threats
  6. Capability of providing Investigation and diagnosis reports
  7. Capability of providing Resolution and recovery reports
  8. Capability of providing Incident closure reports
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