75 year old man pushed by police officers

He’s a 75 year old man. He found a riot police helmet lying around so he picked it up and tried to return it to the police officer. You can see in the video that he’s holding the helmet and walking towards the officers trying to hand the them the helmet. He’s currently being treated in the local hospital for a serious head injury.

Stable condition

He is in stable condition. Buffalo police department’s first claimed that the man tripped and fell through not fault of the officers. Once the video went viral Buffalo police department suspended the 2 officers in question.

Police and Soldiers

Once again this perfectly summarises the corruption and negligence among police officers. All officers that stood by and saw exactly what happened lied when questioned about this incident, claiming the guy tripped by himself. If it wouldn’t be for the video, this would go unpunished again.The only person that immediately paid attention to the man was a soldier. This demonstrates the training between a soldier and a cop.

source: https://m.9gag.com/gag/amvrLYy?fbclid=IwAR2-ivS0Dv8EfAflvV4cWnZ0mriH_CGa1Dl2sNytNQsRBbLMBqpquOVs43E
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