7 Top Search Tips, Find Anything Over Google

Google is our best friend when we need to find something over internet. We use Google daily to find tutorials, movies, games etc. But lots of time we don’t find our desired result. Here we will give you 7 top tips to get your desired search result easy and fast.

1. How to find exact phrase from a website: –To find an exact quote from any website, just put that phrase in quote and Google will return that pages in their search result which contain the exact phrase given by you.

Example: – Let’s think you want to search for a term like Google search tips, then put the phrase in quote like ‘Google search tips’, and you will get result which contains exact ‘Google Search tips’ phrases.

2. How to restrict your search to certain dates: –If you want to restrict your Google search results to certain dates then follow the following steps

Step 1: – First Search Google with your search terms
Step 2: – Then go to filter menu
Step 3: – Go to Tools
Step 4: – Here you will notice ‘Any time’ drop down menu. From here restrict your search to by choose one of ‘Past hour’, ‘Past 24 hours’, ‘Past week‘, ‘Past month’, or ‘Past year’.

Even you can customize your date ranges by selecting custom range from the drop down menu.

3. How to search if you are not sure about some words: –It sometimes happen to us, we couldn’t remember the full phrase, but only remember some parts of the phrase. In this situation try to replace the unknown words with asterisk.

Example: – ‘How to play *’ with give you result which contains this phrase like how to play football, how to play guitar etc. This trick is sometimes helpful when you want to search for a song but don’t know the song’s lyrics, here you can search this song in this way ‘* what part of the song you remember *’

4. How to search by image: –This is interesting trick, anyone should know this trick. Most of the time this trick is really helpful. Suppose you have a photo and you want to search similar photo, then you can search by image. To search by photo follow the following steps

Step 1: – Go to https://www.google.co.in/imghp
Step 2: – Here you will find an camera icon in the search field. Just click on it.
Step 3: – You will get a dialogue box which will give you two option, either you can search by pasting an image url or just by uploading an image. Here in this tutorial we will show to search by image by uploading an image.
Step 4: – Select ‘Upload an image tab’
Step 5: – Click ‘Choose File’ button.
Step 6: – Now Windows file explorer will open, Find your image and select your image. Then click ‘Open’ button
Step 7: – Now your image will get uploaded and you will get search results with similar image and the website which contains the exact image.

5. How to filter your search with image, news, videos etc.: – If you want to filter your search result by image, news or videos, after making your search go to filter menu. Here you will find options to filter your search by image, news, videos, maps etc.

6. How to find similar website with Google search: –Lots of time we need similar websites of a site, but we don’t know how to find, here’s the trick. Start your search query with ‘related:’ keyword.

Example:-If you want to find websites like amazon, try to search like related:https://www.amazon.in/, and you will get all the websites similar to amazon. This is a quick and simple tip to find similar websites, that comes in handy in many situations.

7. How to search files with specific file type in Google: –If you are searching Google for a specific file type and don’t know how to do it, then you are at right place. Just end your search query with “filetype:file-extention’

Example: If you are searching for pdf files, than search like ‘phptutorials:pdf’, and you will get all pdf files which contains php tutorials.

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