6 things shops won’t tell you about your new smart security camera

Smart security cameras are very useful and they will add another security layer to the environment you are trying to secure. So yes, if you are interested in buying a smart security camera then certainly do so, but be aware.

There are some important things that come along when you buy a smart security camera, and a lot of stores simply forget to remind you these 6 things shop owners won’t tell you when they sell you a smart security camera.

Read the manual of the smart security camera

It is strongly recommended to read the manual of the new smart security camera you just brought into your home or company environment. The reason behind this is the fact that factories will often provide default settings to their products, and these default settings are known by cybercriminals and hackers.

In the manual they provide information on how you should setup the smart security camera in your home or company environment. The smart security camera probably needs internet and a connection to your phone, these settings needs to be setup accordingly or else they will just be an open door for anyone that wants to take a look.

1] Read the manual

As mentioned earlier it is important to read the manual. Change the default settings.

2] Change the default password

While you are changing the default settings, make sure that you change the default password. Make sure to use a strong password.

3] Update it to the latest version

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