6 Major Hacks That Occurred Last Year

Unfortunately, there were many hacks throughout the last year. Which ones were the largest ones? Here is a list of six hacks of last year.

The US Office of Personnel Management Hack

Nobody is sure who was behind this hack. However, some believe that Chinese hackers were behind it. Addresses, financial details and health details of more than 19 million people were stolen, and these were people who have been subjected to background checks.

The FBI Portal Breach

In November, a portal used by FBI and police was hacked. Thieves managed to steal data on people who were arrested, but the figures were not made public. However, this hack is considered to be one of the largest hacks on law enforcement this year. The hackers who accessed John Breenan’s personal email account were responsible for this one.

Ashley Madison

This infidelity site was hacked into in 2015 and a lot of data was stolen. In fact, hackers managed to crack many passwords and credit card details were stolen, and more than 11 million users names were leaked onto the web. As a result, the CEO of the site resigned and the share price dropped too. Currently, the company is faced with a number of class actions from both investors and clients.


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