6 Common Windows Problems and How To Fix Them

1.      Open a file with right apps every time you open the file: – Have you ever encountered problems with opening a file by double clicking it. You double click it, and the file is opened with wrong apps with showing a message “File(s) not recognized”. There is an easy fix for this problem.

  • Step 1:- Find the files you encounter problem with .
  • Step 2: – Right click on a file
  • Step 3: – Go to Open with -> Choose another app.
  • Step 4: – Select the right app you want the file to open with and check Always use this app
  • Step 5 : – Now click on OK, and your problem fixed. From now every time you open the by double clicking it will open with right app and will open properly

2.      Speed up your PC’s startup time : – Does your PC take longer time to start, then follow the following fix.

  • Step 1: – Press Windows key + R to open Run dialogue box
  • Step 2: – Type ‘msconfig’ in the Run dialogue box
  • Step 3: – Press Ok
  • Step 4:-  Now System Configuration dialogue box will appear.
  • Step 5: – Click on Services tab
  • Step 6: – Check the “Hide all Microsoft service”
  • Step 7: – Now uncheck every program you don’t you use often
  • Step 8: – Click on Apply and the Click on Ok, and your problem now hopefully solved

3.      Annoy with Windows Sleep Mode : – Does your PC’s go sleep mode too frequently. The you change the default idle time set by the Windows. Just follow our tutorial.

  • Step 1: – Press Windows Key + R top open the Run dialogue box
  • Step 2: – Type ‘powercfg.cpl’ in the Run dialogue box
  • Step 3: – Power Option Dialogue box will open
  • Step 4: – Click “Change Plan Settings”
  • Step 5: – Change your desirable time from “Put the computer to sleep” drop-down menu You may choose ‘never’ option. By choosing ‘never’ your PC will never go into sleep automatically.

4.      Fix Security Certificate Error : – You might had faced “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate” anytime in life when visited a website. You tear your hair out, but didn’t find a solution, then there may a problem with system time or date. To solve the problem just follow this tutorial.

  • Step 1: – Open you clock, you will find it in bottom right of desktop screen.
  • Step 2: – Click “Change date and time settings”
  • Step 3: – Date and Time dialogue box will appear
  • Step 4: – Click “Change date and time”
  • Step 5: – Correct the date and time
  • Step 6: – Click on Apply and then Click on OK. And your problem will be fixed

5.      Change Rotated screen to its default position : –  You may find this odd when you screen get rotated with mistake, and you don’t figure out how did this happen?. You don’t find any way to get your default screen position. First this is not a Windows problem. It is just a windows feature. Many of us don’t know how to fix it. Today we will tell you how to fix it. So let’s do it together.

  • Step 1: – Press Alt + Ctr + arrow key to rotate your screen.

6.      No Boot Device Found Problem Solution : – Have you  ever encountered with this problem, you tried to open your computer, but instead of starting your computer showing “No Boot Device Found, Press any key to reboot the machine” . To solve the problem do any of the following method.

  • Step 1: – First check if your hard disk cable and power cable are connected properly. It may be the cause for this problem. If this doesn’t solve your problem then follow the step 2.
  • Step 2: – Go to your PC’s BIOS settings and check if hard disk is detected or not. If your hard disk is detected in  BIOS settings then your WINDOWS might have been corrupted. So repair your windows or install fresh one. If  your hard disk is not detected in BIOS settings then try to replace DATA Cable, SATA Power Cable. And Lastly after doing all the previous steps if you again facing same problem, then you need to change your hard disk.
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