500 Internal Server Error on your WordPress site

How to fix the 500 Internal Server Error for Wordpress sites

If you are getting the 500 Internal Server Error on your WordPress website, then it’s nothing more than logic that you want to fix this as soon as possible.

The 500 internal server is given when something goes wrong, it is a very general error and in order to fix this, you will need to follow the steps provided below.


Logs are very useful files, they contain logs of processes and often they include specific information on problems that are present on the server.

So the first thing we are going to do, we are going to check our web server log files, these log files are often stored by default at the following location:


Now that we are at the log location of the web server, we can take a look at the last given errors by performing the following command:

tail error_log

This command will provide you the last lines of the error_log, and in those line, you will see errors that have been generated. Take your time and read the errors and Google or DuckDuckGo them.

WordPress 500 Internal Server Error

If your website had been working smoothly, and you just updated your plugins, than the chance is there that a WordPress plugin is causing the issue.

Use the error_log to get a clear view on which WordPress plugin might be causing the 500 Internal Server Error on your website.

Delete the plugin

You can delete or modify the location of the plugin, by doing this, WordPress will not detect the plugin. Once you have performed this task, be sure to restart your web service.

Other things which might cause the 500 internal server error


In most cases, a 500 Internal Server Error is due to an incorrect permission on one or more files or folders. In most of those cases, an incorrect permission on a PHP and CGI script is to blame. These should usually be set at 0755 (-rwxr-xr-x).

PHP timeout

If your script connects to external resources and those resources timeout, an HTTP 500 error can occur. Timeout rules, or better error handling in your script, should help if this is the cause of the 500 error.

Error in .htaccess

While not as common, be sure to check that your site’s .htaccess file is properly structured.