50 Million Facebook Users Were Hacked

Facebook revealed more details about how hackers exploited three distinct bugs to get the ability to control up to 50 million users’ accounts.

The first bug, Rosen explained, caused caused a video uploader to show up on View As pages “on certain kinds of posts encouraging people to post happy birthday greetings.” Normally, the video uploader should not have showed up. The second bug caused this video uploader to generate an access token that had permission to log into the Facebook mobile app, which is not how this feature “is intended to be used,” according to Rosen.

The final bug, Rosen explained, was that when the video uploader showed up as part of the View As feature, it generated a new access token not for the user, but for the person who they were pretending to be—essentially giving the person using the View As feature the keys to access the account of the person they were simulating. In the example we gave above, this would not only have allowed you to look at John’s profile using the View As John feature, but it also would have generated an access token allowing you to login to and take over John’s account.

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