5 Tips For Identity Theft Protection


One of the biggest problems of our time is identity theft. The world has changed a lot in recent times and our ID footprint is everywhere. Protecting yourself is incredibly important and these 5 Tips For Identity Theft Protection will help.

Keep Your Social Security Number Protected

It’s a terrible idea to carry your Social Security card on your person, such as in your wallet or purse. If you have a health plan or another type of card that lists your Social Security number, ask the company if they can issue a different number for you.

Don’t Take The Phishing Bait


Scam artists will often use a technique called “phishing”. This refers to pretending to be a trusted institution in order to get your identity information. They use tactics such as calling you at home, claiming to be your bank or a government agency, and say that they need to know your information for some official sounding reason. Never respond to an unsolicited request to verify your information. Legitimate companies simply do not ask for important information in that manner.