No, The 5 millions Game of Thrones viewers did not get arrested

TheOnion has published an article which has shocked Game of Thrones fans, the post claims that 5 millions viewers have been arrested as they downloaded the Game Of Thrones via illegal resources.

The ‘Shocking ‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale Concludes With Arrest Of 5 Million Viewers For Piracy‘ post on theonion is a hoax.

The Game of Thrones is being watched by millions of viewers around the world, the story is about how families are fighting about the one and official throne.

Shocking ‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale Concludes With Arrest Of 5 Million Viewers For Piracy

Following a critically acclaimed 10-episode run, the HBO series Game Of Thrones capped off its fourth season Sunday night with a shocking finale that concluded with 5 million viewers being taken into police custody for pirating the show online. “Wow, you expect some major shakeups in the final episode of the season, but that part right at the end when the FBI kicked in my door and told me to get on the ground? I did not see that coming at all,” 

TheOnion hoax continues to claim that Peter Herzfeld was arrested after he had watched a pirated Game of Thrones version.

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Boston resident Peter Herzfeld said of the surprise season-ending turn, which left millions of die-hard fans of the fantasy series in a state of astonishment and disbelief as they were handcuffed by federal law enforcement officials and charged with violating intellectual property law by using BitTorrent and similar file-sharing services. “The last few minutes of the episode were so intense—one moment the show was proceeding along as normal, and the next I was being shoved into the backseat of a police car and driven to a detainment facility. I just sat there completely stunned for a few minutes, trying to process what had happened. 

People that are claimed to be arrested

That’s classic Game Of Thrones, though: no one’s safe.” The nation’s incarcerated fans told reporters they could not wait to get out of prison after their five-year sentence and recap the startling conclusion with friends and coworkers.

Be aware as this is a hoax and noone got arrested!

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