5 malicious Android applications that you need to uninstall immediately

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Cybercriminals have managed to get their malicious applications on the Android application market. Today 5 applications got removed from the Google Play store as they were mining bitcoins on the Android devices. The Google Play store is the perfect platform to share an Android application. Millions of Android users visit the Google Play store daily to download a application for their Android device.

The cybercriminals have used this knowledge to install malicious applications on the Android devices. The mentioned malicious applications below were installed on Android devices which then generated bitcoins for the cybercriminals.

As bitcoin mining takes a lot of CPU, the cybercriminals combined the power of the Google Play market to target millions of users.

Take a look at the list of malicious Google Play store applications which were removed from the store as they were mining for bitcoins on the Android devices:

  1. Beating Heart Live Wallpaper
  2. Mens Club Live Wallpaper
  3. Epic Smoke Live Wallpaper
  4. Urban Pulse Live Wallpaper
  5. Anime Girls Live Wallpaper

As you can see the cybercriminals made a ‘Wallpaper’ application, these type of applications are downloaded a lot as people like to change their background of their smartphone. You can imagine how much money these cybercriminals made by this scheme.

Be aware that in the future more malicious applications will be made with bitcoining options as this is a way for cybercriminals to make money.

Share this with people that should know this: