30 Malicious IP list and Block lists providers 2015

Stop and use this great Malicious IP lists to block unwanted traffic to your network and company. These lists are daily updated by the best security companies which keep track of malicious domains, IP addresses and more.

The malicious IP list providers which have been listed provide FREE information about malicious IP’s and they also provide block lists which you can use in your firewall or security configuration to block unwanted traffic. It is important to keep in mind that IP addresses are often dynamic and that they can be used in the future for legitimate traffic, so I do urge you to be aware when you use a block list.

Make sure that you only block the IP ranges that you need to block, if done wrong  – it could have a HUGE impact on your company environment.

This list has been ordered in an Alphabetical order so it will be easy to find the list you need.

  1. ATLAS
  2. BLADE Malicious
  3. CLEAN-MX Realtime Database
  4. CYMRU Bogon List
  5. DShield Blocklist
  6. EmergingThreats Lists
  7. Google Safe Browsing API
  8. hpHosts File
  9. Malc0de Database
  10. Malware Domain Blocklist
  11. Malware Patrol’s Malware Block Lists
  12. Malware-Control Blacklist
  13. Malwared
  14. MalwareDomainList.com
  15. MalwareURL List
  16. Malwr
  17. Nictatech
  18. Norse Darklist
  19. OpenPhish
  20. ParetoLogic URL Clearing House
  21. PhishTank Phish Archive
  22. Project Honey Pot’s Directory of Malicious IPs
  23. Scumware.org
  24. Shadowserver
  25. Sourcefire Vulnerability Research
  26. SRI Threat Intelligence Lists
  27. Sucuri Blacklists
  28. ThreatStop
  29. URL Blacklist
  30. ZeuS Tracker Blocklist

We have included all the links in the Malicious IP list and Block lists providers file which you can download for free.

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