3 tips that help you prevent data leakage


In today’s world one can and should value even the tiniest bit of privacy, with everything online, and when people start doing that, they realize that it is wise to think about how to prevent data leakage.

Data leakage can occur through many avenues including unauthorised access to databases employee negligence or other security breaches. Since this can put even the most sensitive information of yours at risk, one should always opt for ways that can prevent their data from leaking.

Data loss prevention (DLP) is a strategy for making sure that end users do not send sensitive or critical information outside the corporate network.

All of your back accounts, your text messages even your emails are online and data leakage refers to the unauthorised transfer of classified information from a computer to the outside world.

The following are three tips that any person or company can utilise for data leak prevention:

  • Monitoring company activity: Every company, in order to prevent data leakage, should carefully scrutinise upon what information is being shared with whom. With so many people involved in one company the administration should be clear as to what sort of information is being shared with partners, suppliers, customers and associates. Some companies are known for their multitude of end points and under such circumstances it can become extremely important to monitor all the traffic on all the networks. Employing database monitoring tools, which allow companies to overlook and monitor all access and activity, can be really helpful in regards to keeping your sensitive information safe and make the supervision of all activity very simple and even easy.
  • Encryption: Encryption is perhaps the most effective way to achieve data security. To access an encrypted file, one must have access to a secret password that enables you to decrypt it. This type of encrypted data is known as cipher text and anybody who doesn’t have the password cannot simply access it. This should be one of the first steps in regards to data prevention as it would put all of your sensitive information under an encrypted code and hence you can make sure that nobody is snooping around in your information without your consent. Encryption provides an added layer of security and cover for all of your files and folders and with it you can make sure highly sensitive information doesn’t leak the office.
  • Lock down the network: There are basically two most generic ways in which data can escape from the con founds of your office into other people’s computers. Mostly, leaks can occur through either email or the web. Hence, these two areas should be the primary focus when it comes to data leak prevention. Monitoring and surveillance, checks on web activity during office ours on office computers should be given extra importance and time. Having a network security hence not only ensures that no data leak occurs rather it makes sure that even if it does, the culprit responsible is caught on the earliest.
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