3 Steps to identify FAKE PROFILES on Facebook, Linkedin and more!

We all have a social media account, and on that account we are sharing personal information which can be valuable for someone else. The people which are interested in that information often setup fake profiles in order to hide their real identity.

When they create those fake profiles – they use the internet to build the account. They grab pictures from the internet, and sometimes they even grab full texts from websites in order to fill their profiles.

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to identify fake profiles on the internet with just 3 simple steps;

  • Check if the profile picture (or any other picture) has been used before by going to Google Images, and clicking on the β€œimage button” in the search field. This will allow you to provide the link or the picture – the Google Search engine will then search the web for identical pictures. If an identical picture has been found – continue your search into verifying that profile.

google-img-1 google-img-2

  • Check if the phone number matches the profile name by going to sync.me – this service will allow you to match full names to phone numbers.
  • The last step is to ask the profile user to publish a picture of themselves with something unique and new. For example, ask them to hold a red rose and a red balloon – and ask them to send a picture. In return you can do the same, once the profile seems to be real πŸ˜‰

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