22000 ISIS fighters their FULL profile have been leaked

Some idiotic ISIS fighter noticed that it was not very smart to join the terrorist group, so in order to have some positive effect, the ISIS fighter decided to leave – but before he left ISIS, he made sure that he obtained the fighters database which contains profiles of 22000 fighters.

The ex-ISIS fighter put all the data on a USB stick, and made sure that Sky News (England) obtained that USB stick.

The 22000 fighters had provided information on the following questions:

  • What their full name was
  • Which nickname they would like to use when they join
  • If they were prepared to commit suicide
  • If they were prepared to do public work
  • If they were prepared to join battles

The information which was provided to Sky News is classified as high value information – intelligence agencies and government agencies are able to pinpoint fighters much faster with this information.

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