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215000 CP / Child abusers identified on TOR by the FBI via 0Day Flash Exploit

Adobe Flash exploits were used by the FBI to infect and identify TOR users which were active on a massive CP network.

The FBI has seized the server and they had allowed to stay online for 2 more weeks. In those two weeks they were able to identify 215000 members which were active on the massive CP network.

Although the case is from February, the files which hold information about the 215000 TOR users has just been released by the FBI. The files consist out of 28 text files which are not suited for work.

On this day, 3 males have been charged by the FBI. They have been linked directly to the massive CP network which was active on the TOR network.

Their names are:

  • Peter Ferrell
  • Alex Schreiber
  • James Paroline
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