The Passive Aggressive Password Machine

February 28, 2019 0

Test your password strength with the Passive Aggressive Password Machine. The PaP Machine is a little sideproject and exploration of minimalistic design by Tim Holmanand Tobias van Schneider. To make the world a better place, one Read more

Enterprise Transport Security (ETS) vs TLS

February 28, 2019 0

This is the reality, companies rely on weaknesses, they abuse weaknesses in the encryption communication models in order to keep track and identify what is happening on their network. To make it worse, a new Read more

Don’t use Google Chrome to open PDF files

February 27, 2019 0

Attackers are taking advantage of an unprotected vulnerability in the Google Chrome PDF reader to collect data about attacked systems. This concerns IP address, operating system used, Chrome version and the full path of the Read more

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